15.62% increase in water in Istanbul

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At the 2nd Extraordinary General Assembly of Istanbul Water and Sewage Administration (İSKİ), the proposal for a 15.62% increase in water was accepted.

The 2nd Extraordinary General Assembly of İSKİ was held at the Yenikapı Eurasia Exhibition Center. During the session chaired by the 1st vice-president of the IMM Assembly, the Zeynel Abidin school, the proposed 2021 water sales and wastewater disposal tariff from the general management of İSKİ entered the agenda.

İSKİ General Manager Raif Mermutlu said Istanbul infrastructure continues alongside population increase and there are expenses such as renewal of old facility, fuel and imported equipment, and the increased cost of water withdrawn from dams. outside of the city.

Explaining that İSKİ cannot pay entrepreneurs and that entrepreneurs send petitions every day, Mermutlu noted that a 39% increase should be made.

Mehmet Selim Bilmen, member of parliament from AKP party and chairman of the planning and budget committee, said İSKİ, which was operating regularly until May 2019, entirely with its own resources, is now in debt.

Defending that İSKİ is in this state due to the irresponsible and populist approach of the IMM administration, Bilmen said he offered 15.62% of the water.

CHP Group spokesperson Tarık Balyalı also argued that a 39% increase offer was determined as a result of technical studies by İSKİ, and offers below this rate would be detrimental to the institution.

İSKİ’s offer for a 39% increase was rejected by the People’s Alliance votes. The People’s Alliance’s proposal of 15.62% was accepted unanimously.

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