4 thousand 346 workers will be recruited for the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

last minute “data-mce-href =” https://www.ntv.com.tr/son-minute “> Latest news Minister of Youth and Sports Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu will work in the central and provincial organization of Ministry, 4 thousand 346 announced the recruitment of permanent staff.

Minister Kasapoğlu made statements about employment in the ministry when it was broadcast live from his Instagram account.

Explaining that they will be recruiting for a permanent job, Kasapoğlu said: “We have good news. We will recruit 4,346 permanent employees to work in the central and provincial organizations of the ministry. Applications start tomorrow and August 27 is the last day. 549 of them are men and 869 of them are women. We will recruit security guards, including 1,227 men and 1,701 women, ”he said.


Explaining that they promised to buy 2,000 sneakers before and that they will, Kasapoğlu said:

“We will continue our journey by strengthening our human resources with new friends and updating our existing resources with new trainings. We have given some good news in the last few months, there were around 2,000 new trainers. Preparations for this have been completed. I would like to express that we have announced the recruitment of 1,250 coaches and 100 sports experts. 250 of these coaches and 100 sports experts will be selected from our national athletes. Our pledge of 2,000 coaches still stands. We have decided to buy it in two different stages. We will evaluate our conditions of recruitment of our trainers in a first stage according to the applications, and in the following process we will analyze the needs and balance the requests in this direction. purchase.We will start the other process as soon as possible.There is a perception as if we have a nnounced 2,000 and made only 1,250 purchases. Absolutely not. We have favored a more balanced and rational purchasing management process. We will gradually improve both in favor of our institution and trainer We will lead the process in a healthier way in favor of those who aspire to expertise and expertise. “

Noting that requests for coaching and sports expertise for national athletes will be made between August 31 and September 13, and for a thousand coaches candidates from September 20 to 27, Kasapoğlu said: “With the new recruitment , I hope we will have 2,400 people, with 750 coaches and 300 sports experts. “.

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