A total of 733 cubic meters of mucilage was cleaned from the Sea of ​​Marmara in 3 days

Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment and Urbanizationgave information about the work of cleaning the saliva (mucilage) of the sea in the Sea of ​​Marmara on his Twitter account.

Claiming to have continued the mucilage cleansing carried out on June 8 and 9 as part of the Marmara Sea Action Plan in 52 regions on the 3rd day, June 10, the institution said: “We have sent a total of 733.1 cubic meters of disposal, as well as the 341.1 cubic meters of mucilage that we collected on June 10, ”he said.

Announcing the figures of mucilages collected in the provinces after three days, the Institution declared:

“We continued to clean our Sea of ​​Marmara by collecting a total of 733.1 cubic meters of mucilage, including Istanbul 174.6 cubic meters, Kocaeli 77.5 cubic meters, Bursa 63 cubic meters, Tekirdağ 28 cubic meters, Balikesir 114 cubic meters, Çanakkale 118 cubic meters, Yalova 158 cubic meters. “We are working on the ground 24/7 to save our Inland Sea, the Pearl of the Evil Eye, the Sea of ​​Marmara, from visual pollution and bad smells. We will leave our seas clean for our children, and our country green and healthy. “

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