Akşener’s reaction to the release decision in the Elmalı case

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IYI Party President Meral Akşener spoke at her party’s group meeting.

Akşener began his speech by reacting to the release of the children’s mother and stepfather, who were arrested for allegedly sexually abusing two children in Antalya.

Akşener said they were at a time when confidence in the law was hanging by a thread and said: “I send all those who have a part in this inhuman and shameful decision to Allah. Shame on you. I warned the government saying “don’t play with the conscience of the nation” and said it would follow the process closely.


The 10th chamber of the Council of State rejected the request for a stay of execution of the decision to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention by a majority of votes.

Calling the decision fantastic, Akşener said the will of the nation and the Parliament was blocked and said: “We will keep saying ‘The Istanbul Convention will keep us alive’ until the end.


Speaking about the Higher Education Institutions (YKS) exam, which around 2,600,000 students took, Akşener said, “Why are you so bored with these students? Why are the questions asked of our students difficult? What harm have these children done to you, ” he reacted.


The debate over Kanal Istanbul continues in politics. Criticizing the CHP, President Erdoğan said: “They threaten investors. They say, ‘We won’t pay you when we come. In Soke, these funds will be taken from you through international arbitration, ”followed by a reaction from the IYI party.

Akşener said: “They say he is the man of the nation, but it turns out he was the arbitration lawyer. Your duty is to take away the rights of the nation, ” he said.

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