Amazing underwater photos

iReporters shared their best photos from under the sea. Here, a diver swims with a lemon shark at Tiger Beach in Nassau, Bahamas. This is a popular location for veteran divers looking to mingle with sharks without a cage.

(BURSA ESCORT) — The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder French explorer Jacques Cousteau

It’s said that the ocean is like space: Vast and filled with life, most of which we have yet to discover. The aquatic frontier captivates those who dare to explore its depths, by offering a new realm filled with color and mystery.

In 1968, with the advent of color TV, French explorer Jacques Cousteau introduced viewers to the deep blue sea with his show, The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau which used underwater cinematography to bring the beauty and wonder of the ocean to viewers around the globe

Fabien Cousteau spends 31 days under the sea

Today, thanks to relatively inexpensive, yet highly sophisticated equipment and access to diving lessons, photographers are able to explore the ocean through their own lens. CNN invited enthusiasts to share their best underwater photos and the stories behind their explorations under the sea

Ready to dive into the world of underwater photography? Explore the gallery above to view some of the best user submitted photos and to find out how they captured these amazing underwater images

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