Anadolu Efes reaches the Final Four

Latest news! While Anadolu Efes, Larkin, Micic, Anderson, Singleton, Dunston started the game with the top 5, Real Madrid top 5 were Alocen, Carroll, Abalde, Garuba, Tyus. Starting the match effectively using Singleton under the rim, Anadolu Efes led the first 3 minutes with a score of 10-6. Real Madrid, who found hits in the outside shots they used after that minute, entered the TV time-out with 3:35 left by 1 point: 16-17. After that minute, Real Madrid closed the first period 21-18 when both teams struggled to find points on offense.

In the second period, both teams started the attack. After the first minute of the period, Anadolu Efes showed a more efficient attacking image, and with the three-pointers he found 6:37 before the end of the period, Anadolu Efes took the lead by 2 points : 29-27. After that minute, the Spanish team took control of the game, first Llull’s three-point basket, then Laprovittola’s basketball foul suddenly increased the difference to 6: 33-39. Real Madrid managed to keep the gap for the remainder of the period and closed the first half 41-36.

Starting off very well the second half on the offensive, Anadolu Efes increased the gap to 5 with the three points scored by Micic and Beaubois, and at 7:28 from the end, the opponent took the time out: 49-44. Continuing his effective game after the time out, Anadolu Efes made the difference by doubling the numbers for the first time with a two-point strike from Beaubois: 55-44. After that minute, the Spanish team found straight hits with Thompkins on the offensive, reduced the difference to 4 and gave Ergin Ataman the time-out: 57-53. The remaining game was passed with mutual numbers and Anadolu Efes was ahead 60-57 in the final period.

Real Madrid, who started the last period more efficiently, took the lead after a long time with a three-point basket from Rudy Fernandez at 6:25 from the end: 68-69. After that minute, Anadolu Efes was effective with Pleiss, while Real Madrid scored points from Laprovittola and came in with a 75-75 tie in the final 3 minutes. After that minute, the two teams scored points for each other, while Anadolu Efes broke the scales with a 3-point basket from Simon 38 seconds before the end and took the lead: 83-80. Retaining his superiority after that minute, Anadolu Efes won the bout 88-83 and got his name written in the Final Four.

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