Another person arrested in connection with the Eda Nur Kaplan investigation

As part of the “qualified sexual assault” investigation against Eda Nur Kaplan, who committed suicide in Ankara, MA was also arrested after suspect YG

The suspects, who were taken to the Ankara courthouse after their procedures at the police station, were presented to the investigating prosecutor for deposition from MA and AK.

One of the suspects, MA, who was transferred to the criminal justice office, was arrested on charges of “qualifying sexual assault”, while AK was released on condition of judicial review.

YG, who was taken up on the objection of the prosecution after being released on condition of judicial review by the court from which he was referred yesterday, was arrested in the morning.

Eda Nur Kaplan filed a criminal complaint against YG and MA alleging that she was sexually assaulted on July 31. About a week after the incident, Kaplan committed suicide.

Previously detained suspects YG and MA were released on different dates subject to judicial review, and upon objection by the prosecutor’s office, an arrest warrant was issued against suspect YG.

The fugitive suspects in the investigation, MA and AK, were also arrested.

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