Anti-vaccine rally banned in Istanbul

The rally to be organized by the anti-vaccine rallies in Istanbul was not allowed.

The Maltepe District Governorate said the rally to be held on Saturday September 11 will not be allowed due to the risk of contamination.

The statement included the following:

It has been determined that news and publications have been published in some news outlets and social media accounts that a rally on the topic “Constitutional protection initiative meets” will be held on 11.09.2021 in the area of Maltepe rally with the permission of the Maltepe district. Governance.

At the request made by the Anatolian Union Party to our District Governorate on 23.08.2021 with a request for authorization to organize said event; It was not authorized, considering that collective events would increase the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 virus and undermine efforts to fight the epidemic.

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