Arbitration Board Abdullah Avcı Decision: Beşiktaş to Pay TL 17 Million in Compensation

The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) Arbitration Board ruled that former Beşiktaş coach Abdullah Avcı paid 17 million 130,000 lire.

In the Council statement, it was stated that the objection of the black and white club had been considered: disputes, it was decided to be corrected at 17 million 130,000 lire and to dismiss the other objections of the defendant. “expressions have been used.

In the statement, it was stated that the Professional Football Disciplinary Council (PFDK) upheld the 320 thousand lire penalty for Beşiktaş for various reasons, and Ozan Köprülü, the assistant coach of the black and white team, has confirmed the penalty of 13 thousand lire. and 1 match ban.

It was also noted that the council had maintained the 224,000 lire fine from the Galatasaray Club and 50,000 lire from Göztepe.

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