Arrest warrant for 14 people during the February 28 trial

An arrest warrant has been issued against 14 defendants whose convictions were handed down during the trial on February 28.

Following the Supreme Court of Appeal’s decision to approve the February 28 case, the execution process for 14 defendants began with the finalization of the verdict sent to the prosecutor’s office for execution.

The application for a stay of execution, based on the age and state of health of the defendants convicted of the crime of “attempted coup”, was also rejected.

Arrest warrants have been issued for 14 defendants, including then Deputy Chief of Staff, retired General Çevik Bir, then Chief of Staff of Operations, retired General Çetin Doğan.

After the incarceration of the accused, if it is determined that their health conditions are unsuitable, executions can be postponed.

The suspects for whom arrest warrants have been issued are:

Ahmet Çörekçi, Aydan Erol, Cevat Temel Özkaynak, Çetin Doğan, Çetin Saner, Çevik Bir, Erol Özkasnak, Fevzi Türkeri, Hakkı Kılınç, İdris Koralp, ılhan Kılıçural Türançural

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