Autistic child missing in Burdur has been found

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The autistic child who disappeared in the Altınyayla district of Burdur was found by search and rescue teams after 48 hours of work.

His teams, who focused their search on hilly areas to find Kerim Can Güney, got results.

Güney, who was sitting on the slope at the place called Kömluluk Tepe (Öküz Gediği), about 10 kilometers from where he disappeared, was said to be in good health by the gendarmerie teams.

Güney, who was taken down the hill by the teams, was taken to the ambulance and taken to hospital to be checked by the 112 emergency service teams.

The search and rescue work of the gendarmerie, AFAD and AKUT had been launched for Kerim Can Güney, an autistic man, who disappeared in a field in the wooded land where he went on Sunday with his family in the village of Asmabağ in the Altınyayla district of Burdur. The teams used thermal camera drones and runway clerk dogs in their work.

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