Aziz Yıldırım will not attend the congress | TVN

Former Fenerbahce club president Aziz Yildirim announced that he would not attend the congress due to the rejection of his request to use the parking lot on the side of the marathon grandstand ahead of the club’s ordinary general assembly. Fenerbahce, which will start tomorrow.

In his statement, Yıldırım said: “As you know, the organization of the general assembly is usually carried out by the board of directors under the coordination of the chairman of the supreme council. We contacted our chairman of the board to attend the general meeting. meeting to be held tomorrow and asked to use the parking lot of the marathon stand for our former managers who will attend the meeting Mr. Vefa Küçük accepted our request in accordance with custom and indicated to us that a limited number of places could be allocated by the marathon stand. Then he informed that such attribution could not be made after some time. ” mentionned.

Stating that Abdullah Kiğılı’s walking problems have been explained and the possibility of using three vehicles has been requested, Yıldırım said:

“Vefa Küçük informed us that he would discuss the matter with Mr. Ali Koç and come back. After the meeting, he informed me and Abdullah Bey that such an opportunity would not be available to me and Abdullah Bey to the marathon grandstand. It is not possible for Mr. Kiğılı to attend the general assembly by walking from the suggested location. We, as the people who built this monumental stadium with the limited opportunities of our club and brought him to our club, we meet with regret and regret this practice. We never accept this practice, which is a manifestation of the prejudices and power struggles of the past. We wish him all the best, and my friends and I declare that we will not be attending the convention. ” new! Details to come …

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