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MHP chairman Devlet Bahceli said the People’s Alliance electoral threshold decision was recorded at 7 percent and no further assessment needed.

Bahçeli, in his written statement, said that as of August 31, the withdrawal of the military elements deployed by the United States in Afghanistan and the evacuation of their collaborators was largely completed, leaving behind the image of a country intertwined and emotionally divided. , intellectual and political motives.

Recalling that the “extraordinarily successful” words of US President Joe Biden, in reality, extremely primitive, quite chaotic and therefore pathetic evacuation scenes were etched in the memory of mankind, Bahçeli said that the political and military activities presented and presented as a success, in fact He stressed that it means nothing other than the veiling of the occupation, the laziness of making up a heavy occupation that has lasted 20 years.

Noting that Afghanistan is rapidly falling into the path of violence opened up by imperialism, and that it is nestled in an environment of steadily expanding fighting and internal turmoil, Bahçeli said:

“In the 21st century, the tragedies in Afghanistan and the devastated state of people fleeing their countries out of fear have not only worsened global consciousness, but have also dangerously nullified the universal values ​​and achievements of humanity to this day.

The disastrous fate of those who cling to airplane wheels and seek a future, then fall from a height of several meters without being able to cling, has become a symbol of horror not only for Afghanistan, but also for the turbulent and turbulent world to order in some way. Of course, it will soon become clear whether the military withdrawal, which the US president has announced as a change in strategy, is real or fictitious. Because if American policies have a visible and visible face, there are also cruel practices, insidious and secret projects in the background, behind the scenes and milk, which include the main objectives and ambitions. You don’t have to be a foreign policy veteran to see this. Merely examining the direction of the past, regional and global developments will reveal a lot in striking ways. “


Drawing attention to the fact that there are people in the People’s Alliance who suggest, imply and even claim that there is a difference of opinion, Bahçeli recalled that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had announced to the press of the members of the plane after his visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro that the threshold would be 7%.

Bahçeli said: “In fact, the research and studies on the dam ended with this statement and the decision of the People’s Alliance was recorded at 7 percent. There is no longer a need for another Evaluation.” made a statement.

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