Bahçeli state reaction after insulting Atatürk

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Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) chairman Devlet Bahçeli made statements at his party’s group meeting.

In his speech, Bahçeli reacted to remarks by Imam Mustafa Demirkıran, who spoke at the Hagia Sophia Mosque, which were allegedly directed at Atatürk.

“Atatürk is our unity. To be hostile to Atatürk is a service to betrayal,” Bahçeli said, adding: “To play with the peace of Turkey is a provocation. Do those who insult Atatürk think they are more Muslims? ”

The MHP leader said: “Their intentions must be thoroughly analyzed. Whether or not they are secret members of FETO or not must be examined.”


Speaking at the Hagia Sophia Mosque on Friday, May 28, Imam Mustafa Demirkan said, “This temple and similar temples were built to remain temples. There has come a time when, in about a century, the ‘azan and prayer have been banned and turned into a museum. Crueler than these. And who can be an unbeliever … O Lord, do not destine this mentality to fall back into this nation … “

These remarks, which targeted Atatürk, sparked public reactions and a criminal complaint was filed against Demirkan.

The other highlights of Bahçeli’s speech are as follows:

“In the struggle for democracy, the decision is up to the nation. Who owns the Kılıçdaroğlu constraint? The CHP leader wants elections as soon as possible. He is obviously in a hurry. He says he will run away from the nation by becoming even uglier. The covert operations of some countries have intensified. The voice of the CHP under the leadership of Kılıçdaroğlu, who rode in Biden’s wake, gassed and climbed into his damn boat, is the voice of those who want early elections, the word of mischief. The Turkish nation will never fall into such a trap.

Our country does not have an early election program, so keep that in mind. My advice to CHP management, don’t keep saying there’s a fire in the kitchen. It is your will that burns, it is your policy.


The general elections for the president and deputies will take place in June 2023. To date, there are 754 days left before the elections.


Not only do you see the Mafia as the third branch of the People’s Alliance, but it is a distortion to say that we are partners with the Mafia. To say that we are partners in the Mafia is a diversion. Kılıçdaroğlu shouldn’t tell stories, let his soul mate watch the mafia.

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