Bahçeli: the President of Religious Affairs is right

MHP President Devlet Bahceli, Hilarious termDue to the start-up of the Supreme Court and the opening of the new Supreme Court building Ali Erbaş, President of Religious Affairs He made a statement about the prayer he was reading.

Stating that the President of Religious Affairs has done the right thing, Bahçeli said he fully supports Erbaş.

Calling the reactions after the opening “total primitivity,” Bahçeli said: “Those who cannot tolerate the prayers of the President of Religious Affairs have come to such a point that they have lost their conscience and their pity for pretending that a war has been waged. against Atatürk and secularism. “

Ali Erbaş, President of Religious Affairs

Claiming that those who reacted to the prayer made at the opening by saying “cry of sharia”, “constitutional crime”, “the same as the Taliban” are “the slaves of fascist and despotic political commitments”, said Bahçeli declared, “a hollow democratization and liberation”. Muslim The Turkish nation will never turn away from the path of truth, of the guideline, ”he said.

Chief MHP, cogeneration“It is our sincere recommendation that the CHP, which has turned into a barzani lobby and tried to mediate with the PKK, move away from the influence of the tunnel of humiliation into which it has entered and respect our national and moral values.

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