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In his statement written on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, the president of the MHP, Devlet Bahceli, wished that the days and the hearts will always be as enthusiastic as the place of vacation and full of love like the environment. vacation.

Stressing that religious and national holidays are exceptional moments which strengthen the bonds of brotherhood, loosen clenched fists, soften the resentful and resentful gaze, Bahçeli shared the opinion that “The holidays are a glorious time when the spirit of peace, hope, unity and solidarity are stimulated, feelings of love and respect take wings and cover our horizons. “

Stating that Turkey has been tested with enough problems and difficulties due to the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak and due to the intense agenda of internal and external developments, Bahçeli said:

“I am of the opinion that we must treat our inner world and the channels of communication and relationship that we establish with our environment with an honest and balanced understanding on the occasion of the holidays. It is possible for us to make a permanent transition to understanding rather than being understood, dialogue rather than imposition, buy-in rather than polarization, will and future reconciliation rather than conflict.With the moral and spiritual richness of Eid al-Fitr, we can pave the way for a whole new process of reconciliation, and together we can achieve the building of a strong era based on mutual respect and level. “

In his statement, Devlet Bahçeli said: “We must not forget that the more we can act in unity and solidarity, the more we will be alive and powerful”.


Emphasizing that neutralizing the abominable scenarios to which Turkey and the Turkish-Islamic civilization have been exposed and destroying the games played there depends above all on the immense and historic strength of the Turkish nation, Bahçeli continued:

“The Turkish nation, which is a big family from east to west, north to south, has the insight, the ability and the ability to prove that it is the axis of peace, stability, prosperity. , justice and fairness with the awareness of Eid in all fields and all terrains, and in addition, to friends and enemies. There is no end to the fight. There is no result in causing chaos. This country is our common treasure. Turkey is the private garden of 84 million Turkish citizens.

The most effective response to all the homes that project our separation, division and fall into each other is to stand with one voice, one breath, one wrist. Because we belong to a nation that prays for the victim sacrificed to Diyarbakır, receives the gift to Hakkari in Ankara, holds outstretched hand to Şırnak in Istanbul, wipes the tears that flowed to Rize in Ağrı, is a sign of virtue and of sacrifice. we are his children. All the beauties of Turkey, all the local and national achievements are our light, our sorrow, our heartbeat, our common moment which burns like a torch and will never go out, is our common heritage. “


Calling attention to the need to remember the low and middle income people, as well as the needy and the poor, Bahçeli said: “It is a moral responsibility to share our bread and meat with them. We know that if we divide we will be full, if we divide we will perish. “


Noting that the language of love should be used instead of violence, and that a climate of peace and tranquility should be established instead of unrest, Bahçeli said: “In particular, the violence which is constantly brought into play. scene on the television screens and the devastating images that are served It is essential that it fulfills its function and that it strictly adhere to the principles of common sense and responsible publishing.

Wishing God’s mercy to the citizens who lost their lives during the catastrophic floods in Rize, and the healing of the citizens under treatment, Bahçeli conveyed his best wishes to the citizens of Rize.


MHP President Bahçeli shared the following thoughts in his statement:

“I pray to Allah Almighty to accept our worship of sacrifice. I sincerely congratulate the families of our martyrs, our beloved nation and the Turkish-Islamic world. I sincerely offer my respect and love to our dear living citizens. in the country and abroad Silayırahime, who left on the occasion of a 9 days leave, I ask our honorable citizens who travel to strictly follow the rules of the road in order not to risk their safety. The holidays are peace, forgiveness, remembrance, tolerance, compassion, warmth, mercy, reunion. To meet the holidays with its origin and its meaning, and to preserve this state of reunion in all circumstances. It is my wish the most expensive to do.

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