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last minute “data-mce-href =” “> Breaking news US President Joe Biden, during a press conference at the White House, mentioned the latest situation in Afghanistan and assessed the picture of the current evacuation operation.

Biden praised the US operation to evacuate Americans into the country, Afghans and some other third-country nationals who had undergone security screening in favor of the United States, via the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul.

Explaining that around 6,000 US troops are serving in Kabul, Biden said, “This operation is one of the most difficult air evacuation operations in history.” He used the phrase and said that according to the latest figures, the number of people who have been expelled from the country since August 14 has passed 13,000.


Biden pointed out that according to the deal with the Taliban, US citizens who present their US passports allow safe passage through the Taliban airport.

“We are in close contact with the Taliban regarding the evacuation operation.” Biden said, adding that they have repeatedly indicated to the Taliban that if they interfere with US soldiers or the operation, they will respond in the fastest and strongest way possible.

Noting that they will not let any US citizens who wish to leave Afghanistan, Biden was asked if they would keep troops in the country after August 31, “We will assess that when the time comes.” he has answered.

Biden also said that if necessary, they could conduct “rescue operations” for Americans who couldn’t come to the airport but wanted to come.

Biden, who claimed that some DAESH supporters had been released from prisons (by the Taliban) in Afghanistan, also said they had taken action against possible terrorist threats around Kabul airport, “By the way , it must be said that DEASH and the Taliban have sworn enemies to each other in Afghanistan. noted.


When asked if the United States had made a mistaken intelligence assessment of the Taliban’s control of the country so quickly, US President Biden threw the ball at the Afghan administration and replied:

“Even though we were in contact with the Taliban in Doha, the complete collapse of the Afghan national forces was unexpected. It would have been a whole different story if the Afghan security forces had fought during the siege of Kabul. But the consensus is that the Afghan security forces will not dissolve like this, will not leave the country, and will not raise their arms. He said he wouldn’t let go, but that’s how it happened.

Biden said they will set a roadmap by looking at the Taliban’s next actions and try to work out a common policy as allies at the G7 summit to be held online next week.

Arguing that the United States destroyed al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and completed its mission by killing Osama bin Laden, Biden said: “If we had not decided to withdraw from the country, we should have sent more troops there after. May, the 1st. perhaps these soldiers would have lost their lives … And for what? He said the United States no longer had any national interests in Afghanistan.

Explaining that the United States will focus on more specific targets in the fight against terrorism, Biden argued that the allies they met are not complaining about the US strategy of leaving Afghanistan.

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