Boey to stay away from the pitch for 2 weeks at Galatasaray

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GalatasarayWhile continuing preparations for the match, he will play for Trabzonspor in Week 4 of the Super League, Sacha BoeyBad news has come.

It has been reported that a partial tear has been detected in the upper left back muscle of French right-back Sacha Boey of the Galatasaray football team.

According to the statement made by the yellow-red club, the 20-year-old footballer, who felt pain in his back muscles during the double-goal game last night, was examined today.

Treatment for Sacha Boey, who suffered from a second-degree strain, partial tear, and bleeding in the posterior upper left muscle group, began.

20-year-old right-back He should be away from the field for at least 2 weeks.

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