BREAKING NEW: Successive explosions in Kabul: US President Biden makes statement

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US President Joe Biden makes a statement regarding the bombings in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, for which Daesh has claimed responsibility.

Titles of Biden’s statements;

“We believe the attack was carried out by Daesh’s Khorasan group. My commanders in Washington have studied this question in great detail. The situation on the ground continues to improve. The American soldiers who sacrificed their lives are all heroes. an extremely dangerous mission. It was an unprecedented evacuation operation in history. “They were part of the best performing, most dedicated and strongest military in the world. I call them the backbone of America. Our hearts are filled with pain. The Afghans who lost their loved ones are also in pain.

I can feel and feel what the families of these heroes are going through. It’s like you have a black hole in your chest. But know that we have a great responsibility. The lives we lost were lives dedicated to our freedom, to our security.

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