BREAKING NEW: Swedish Prime Minister, who lost confidence vote, resigns

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Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, the first Swedish leader to lose a vote of confidence in parliament, has called for the formation of a new government.

Lofven, who has technically offered his resignation, will remain as interim prime minister until the new government is formed.

Lofven has been Prime Minister since 2014. Lofven, the leader of the Social Democratic Party, had the constitutional right to call the country to early elections after losing the vote of confidence.

Prime Minister Lofven said: “Early elections are not the best option for Sweden. The Speaker of Parliament will choose a name that can be accepted by Parliament. The current administration will continue to serve as the interim government.

Lofven, who holds 100 of the 349 seats in the Swedish parliament, was in coalition with the Greens. The Social Democrats – Greens coalition ruled the country with the support of the Left Party from outside.

Last week, Die Linke withdrew its support for the coalition. During Parliament’s vote of confidence after the Die Linke decision, it was able to obtain 109 yes against 181 no.

The next parliamentary elections in Sweden will take place on September 11.

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