Cabinet meeting completed | President Erdogan announced: How many days will the Eid al-Adha holiday last?

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The presidential cabinet met under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at 5:10 pm. The meeting in Beştepe lasted 1 hour and 50 minutes.

The decisions taken at the end of the meeting where the issues on the country’s agenda were discussed were announced.

Announcing at the start of his speech that the total number of vaccinations was approaching 59 million, President Erdoğan urged everyone to get vaccinated until Eid al-Adha.

“We should spend the holidays the same way by following the rules,” Erdogan said. In the coming period, we must not let go of the precaution so as not to fall back into the same troubles, ” he also warned.

Here are the highlights of President Erdogan’s speech:

“New variants of the virus are threatening the world. We are relatively well positioned both in terms of the strength of our health system and in terms of vaccination rates. Places where vaccination is relatively low may be at risk. We must claim the advantage that we have obtained through serious effort and sacrifice.

MESSAGE 2023 AND 2053

With standardization, an upward trend began in production and exports. They are trying to squeeze the Turkish economy into the only ranges of exchange rates, interest and inflation. We are moving forward resolutely in the economy, as well as in other areas, on the path of building a great and powerful Turkey. The 2023 goals and the 2053 vision are the expression of a historic crossroads for Turkey.


On the Ankara-Niğde highway, our drivers will now be able to travel with their cars with a 20% discount and with their minibuses, passenger buses, trucks and trucks with a 40% discount.

The free passes to be applied for the celebration on the highways and bridges operated by our Directorate General of Roads will begin at midnight on Friday.

There is no difference between east and west, north and south of our country in terms of rights and freedoms and basic services. The epic of July 15, written by the Turkish nation, is a historic turning point that will be remembered and lessons will be learned for centuries.

I ask all my fellow citizens who will be leaving on the occasion of the Eid festival, to respect the highway code and to watch out for accidents.


I see the lack of respect shown by climbing a church wall in Istanbul Kadıköy as a provocation to our unity and solidarity.

Like similar events, we will be following this issue until the end.

We will be in TRNC for Peace and Freedom Day. We will also send the message to the whole world that we are with the TRNC in the strongest possible way in its pursuit of rights and justice.


We have set Monday half a day as an administrative holiday. Our fellow citizens are in fact on leave from Friday evening July 16 to Monday morning July 26.

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