Cabinet meeting completed | President Erdogan: street restrictions are coming to an end

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in Beştepe, where all eyes are on the new stages of standardization. cabinet meeting It took 3.5 hours.

Highlights of President Erdogan’s speech:

“Turkey has fully fulfilled its responsibilities to NATO so far. In our meetings at the NATO Summit, we have emphasized the spirit of solidarity. We have once again expressed how distorted the understanding of good terrorists and bad terrorists is. We recalled that Turkey is the only real fight against DAESH. With the events that have taken place in our nearby region over the past 10 years, we have seen that NATO has not been able to display its position as a reliable umbrella.

We saw at the top that it is very difficult for a NATO to survive without Turkey.


I would like to point out that all the meetings took place in a positive and constructive atmosphere. We have agreed to develop cooperation with all the leaders we have met. German Chancellor Merkel, Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis and President of the United States
We have decided to intensify direct contact with Biden.

We met Biden to usher in a new era in the relations between our countries. In this meeting, we put forward our positions by expressing the problems. We had a full and productive exchange of views on our future areas of cooperation. When we met, we agreed that there is no problem that cannot be overcome with the United States, on the contrary, cooperation is more profitable. By strengthening our channels of dialogue with the United States at all levels, we are determined to transform the beautiful climate we have achieved with Biden into maximum benefit for our countries. We believe that the problems between us will be solved in time. We believe that we are opening the doors to a new era with the US on a positive and constructive basis.

Turkey’s only requirement is to respect its sovereign rights in all political and economic fields and to support its fight against terrorist organizations.


We will not allow those who try to raise the prices of grain, meat, milk and food excessively, we will teach the necessary lesson. We are extending the VAT support we grant to the tourism sector for an additional 1 month. Our goal is to open vaccination to all of our population over 18 years of age within a few weeks. We are completely removing curfews from July 1. We put the limit on music at 24:00. With the restrictions on intercity travel, the limitations on urban public transport are coming to an end.

Public institutions and organizations shift to normal working hours. I ask my fellow citizens not to give credit to vaccine manipulations and to listen to scientists on this issue.

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