Cabinet meeting over: President Erdogan speaks

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The presidential cabinet meeting chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has ended.

The meeting at the Presidential Complex lasted approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Highlights of Erdogan’s speech:

“We have not thanked and will not thank those who want to imprison our country and our nation under the sway of false agendas.


For us, the mosque on Çamlıca hill is the symbol of this century. This tower becomes one of the symbolic works of this century by cleaning up the environment and giving the possibility to look at all of Istanbul.

Some may not see it as a symbol, but know that Çamlıca Tower is one of the most symbolic works of this century.


We continue our fight against the epidemic that has taken the world and our country captive for a year and a half. Turkey is one of the countries that provide the most support to its population relative to its national income in the world.

Grants and support totaling 661 billion lire in total have gone a long way in bringing our country out of the epidemic process without being exposed to serious economic losses, social problems and security threats.

We will give 150 million lire to our farmers in our drought-prone areas to modernize their irrigation systems. Hopefully we will continue to share good news about energy with the public in the coming days.

We will push the possibilities to the maximum to make June a month of vaccine mobilization.

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