Children over 12 with chronic illnesses will be able to get an immunization appointment

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The coronavirus scientific committee met today under the chairmanship of the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca. The meeting agenda included viral measurements and vaccination studies.

After the meeting, Health Minister Koca made statements. Highlights of Koca’s speech:

The measures are always the same and very effective. However, if we act as if our last patient has also recovered and the virus is gone, we will provide all the conditions for the disease to spread. Some of us have acted with unfounded courage in recent days. Our ancestors used to say to young people who wore thin clothes in cold weather, “There is no bravery in the cold. Be sure there is no bravery against the virus. No one should give up on measurements just because I am young and have a strong immune system. The epidemic is not over. I’m not saying this with the intention of worrying you and keeping disease on your agenda. Because, remove the disease from your agenda, my health workers and our scientific committee are preparing for you by following all the developments. We must remove the epidemic from our agenda. However, we cannot do this by ignoring the disease and accepting the epidemic as over. We need to do this by being aware of the epidemic and following the precautions.

After our meeting last week, I shared with you that we conducted a study on the effectiveness of the vaccine following the review of 31 million vaccinated citizens and shared the preliminary results. This work is finished.

From the results of our study, it was understood that people vaccinated for 3 doses were better protected both in the rate of catching the disease and on admission to hospital and intensive care than people who had been vaccinated for two doses. However, it has not been long since our fellow citizens who were vaccinated for 3 doses were vaccinated. We will continue to update this work over time. One of the important results of our study is that it scientifically demonstrated the need for the application of the third dose.


Informing you of the preliminary results, I shared that 3 doses of inactivated vaccine offered the best protection according to preliminary data. At the end of the study, it was understood that people who received 3 doses of inactivated vaccine and 2 doses of inactivated vaccine and 1 dose of mRNA vaccine were protected at a similar rate. In addition, people vaccinated for 3 doses are better protected than people vaccinated for 2 doses.

This is an extremely important result for our vaccination program. It was understood that our citizens who received 2 doses of inactivated vaccine should receive a 3rd dose of either mRNA or inactivated vaccine. For our fellow citizens who have 2 doses of mRNA vaccine, the study of the third dose has recently been underway. The explanation from the team that developed the vaccine is that the 3rd dose may be needed for those who have the mRNA vaccine. Since mRNA vaccines are used after inactivated vaccine in our country, there is not enough data on this yet. However, preliminary results show that the protection of 2 doses of mRNA vaccine may decrease after some time. We have before us an example of Israel. However, as our own data becomes clearer, I will share the findings on this topic with you and the global public.

The most important result for today is that if you have received two doses of the inactivated vaccine, we need to increase our level of protection by administering the 3rd dose without delay.


People under the age of 18 who will enroll in higher education institutions in our country can also apply for vaccination. Our children who go abroad for education and who must be vaccinated according to the rules of the country concerned, but who are below the age limit in our country, can be vaccinated at the request of their parents.

Parents can request vaccinations for their children by accessing the E-Nabız website. In addition, a vaccine definition has been developed for our children over 12 years of age with chronic diseases.

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