Closure of the case against the HDP: political ban is requested for 451 names

Bekir Şahin, Attorney General at the Supreme Court, He participated in the conference on “Combating Transnational Organized Crime” held in Antalya.

Making statements at the end of the conference, ahin briefed on the ongoing legal process regarding the shutdown of the HDP and the political ban that has been requested to be applied to its cadres.

” POLITICAL BAN IS REQUESTED FOR 451 HDP members in indictment ”

Supreme Court Attorney General Şahin said they gathered all the necessary evidence and forwarded it to the Constitutional Court (AYM).

Stating that the next process is under the authority of the Constitutional Court, Ahin said, “They will evaluate it after 15 days and they will give discretion. We have submitted all the decisions, files, evidence, CDs, speeches of HDP officials to This is an 843 page indictment. 69 people are included in the indictment because they speak in favor of a terrorist organization as party members, ”he said.


Chief Prosecutor Şahin added that they demanded that a precaution be placed in the HDP party’s bank accounts. Chief prosecutor Bekir Şahin said he did not want to reveal those whose names were mentioned in the indictment.

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