Corona virus table of August 13, 2021: 157 deaths, 21 thousand 372 new cases

by the Ministry of Health, the new Corona virus table announcement. According to 24-hour data released on August 13, 21,372 cases have been detected.

The number of people who lost their lives to the virus was 157. While a total of 285,000,242 tests were performed in one day, the number of patients recovered was recorded at 16,000,492.

Vaccination data is also included in the table announced by the Ministry of Health. According to data covering the population over 18 who received at least 1 dose of vaccination, the average 1st vaccination dose in Turkey was 70.41 percent. While the average for the second dose was 52.21 percent, the number of citizens who received the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dose vaccines increased to 82 million 621,000 415 in total.

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