Cuba welcomes back doctors who fled

Cuba has stated it’ll welcome back doctors who deserted while serving on government-backed programmes abroad

The ministry stated doctors who fled in individuals conditions could be guaranteed employment in Cuba and would incur no punishment or lack of status

Some 25000 Cuban doctors are presently working abroad in programmes organised through the islands communist government

Previously most Cubans who fled the nation were banned from coming back towards the island frequently for lengthy periods

The sale has additionally been extended to doctors who have been permitted to emigrate on official visas within more open policy introduced in 2013 by Leader Raul Castro

The Cuban government states it’s some 50000 health employees involved in health projects in 68 nations Half seem to be doctors

Experts the highly-trained professionals are under compensated as the Cuban government charges other nations for that service making significant profits

We’ve contracts along with other government authorities through which we’re paid out with advantages to each side reads any adverse health ministry statement released around the Communist Party newspaper Granma

But we is constantly provide free help the nations that request it That’s the situation right now in Haiti Niger Honduras Eritrea along with other nations

The U . s . States formerly accused Cuba of coercing doctors along with other professionals to visit abroad and operate in government programmes

But recently the united states Condition Department removed Cuba from the listing of nations that neglect to combat human trafficking

The Federal Government of Cuba doesn’t fully adhere to the minimum standards for that removal of trafficking yet it’s making significant efforts to do this browse the annual Condition Department report

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