Cyberattack on Sinoz Kozmetik | TVN

After MNG Cargo announced that it had been the victim of a cyberattack, Sinoz Kozmetik announced a cyberattack on the same day.

In the company’s statement to the Personal Data Protection Group regarding the cyberattack, it was announced that the passwords and personal information of some of its customers had been seized.

In the statement, it was reported that the customer information in the database was captured by an open port leak while updating the database.


The cyberattack on Sinoz Kozmetik was detected by examining the log records during the database scan performed after the August 23 update. The number of people affected by the violation was reported to be 1 million 352,000 358.

It has been noted that the personal data affected by the breach is the name, surname, email address and mobile phone information of customers and potential customers.


On the other hand, this morning, MNG Cargo announced the entry of certain passwords and personal information of its customers.

In the statement made by MNG Kargo, it was reported that the data breach was carried out in the form of “infiltration” by the person (s) who had unauthorized access to customer accounts.

It was stated in the press release that the offense had been detected on August 23 following investigations carried out during the verbal notification of a client company on August 15, and that the information “surname-first name, address, telephone number “of the cargo recipients were affected by the violation.

The number of people affected by the cyberattack on MNG Kargo could not be determined.

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