Decision in the FETÖ business structuring file

The trial against the business structure of FETO, in which 35 defendants are tried, including FETO leader Fetullah Gülen, TUSKON closed group leader Rızanur Meral and its general secretary Mustafa Muhammet Günay, has been decided.

Some of the defendants and the parties’ lawyers attended the hearing before the 23rd Istanbul High Criminal Court. During the hearing, it was recalled that the last defense of the defendants had been taken in the previous session, and the verdict was announced.

The court ruled that the files of the defendants of FETÖ leader Fetullah Gülen, closed TUSKON leader Rızanur Meral, his secretary general Mustafa Muhammet Günay and Mehmet Gökdeniz should be separated because they were fugitives.

The court sentenced Rızanur Meral Zeynep Meral’s wife, Ahmet Tuzlu, Ahmet Şener Gülenç, İlhan Karagöz, Salih Zeki Azak and Arzu Üre to 6 years and three months in prison for “belonging to an armed terrorist organization” in connection with the FETÖ, has decided to continue the ban.

The court sentenced 9 defendants to 2 years and one month in prison each for “helping a terrorist organization without being a member”.

The court sentenced one of the defendants, Çetin Pekdemir, to 2 years and 6 months in prison for “helping, without being a member of a terrorist organization”, and sentenced Yüksel Nalbant, who made his statement to benefit from the provisions. effective on repentance. , to 1 year, 6 months and 22 days in prison.

14 of the accused were acquitted of the charges against them.

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