Decision to detain 143 suspects in Ankara-based FETÖ investigation

According to the press release from the public prosecutor’s office, an operation was launched against 102 suspects, including 61 former public officials, who were identified as the “private imams” of the general command of the gendarmerie thanks to the efforts of MIT and the General Directorate of the Gendarmerie. security to decrypt FETO members.

Eight of them, all of whom had been demoted previously, were found to have had extensive contact with the so-called high-level members of the organization, had a statement and diagnostic report indicating that they were members of the organization, were found to be strongly affiliated with FETO by organization codes, were found to be involved in the organization’s private security structure.

In addition, arrest warrants were issued for 26 suspects, including 16 ByLock users, who were staying in cell houses known as “Gaybubet House” as instructed by the organization so as not to be arrested.

An operation was launched by TEM teams from the Ankara Provincial Police Department, organized and financial branch to apprehend 143 suspects, who have been detained in 43 towns based in Ankara.

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