Derya Yanık, Minister of Family and Social Services, answered questions about NTV

Derya Yanık, Minister of Family and Social Services, answered Seda İlkir’s questions.

Providing information on the distribution of aid in disaster areas, Yanık said, “First, the amount of aid and the needs are determined.

Burns, “In 2020, a total of Lit 69.3 billion of social assistance is provided, 82 percent of which is donated by our ministry. We actively provide social assistance under 42 different headings. 78 percent of social benefits consist of in aid given to people who cannot work. “


Regarding CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s request for support regarding electricity bills, Yanık said:

One thing needs to be clarified, welfare is a requirement of being a welfare state. Social assistance to people is not something that is explained by poverty or poverty below the poverty line. When it comes to Turkey, we are faced with the accusation that our opposition friends are talking about welfare in another country and paying the electricity bills. It is not right to make bad politics. . What is the support we call social assistance electricity support in Turkey, providing electricity support up to a certain quota to people who have received support from this fund under the continuous incentive for social assistance solidarity. This means that additional support is provided to enable people to achieve a certain level of well-being in their average life.

It is extremely wrong to interpret social assistance in terms of pure poverty.


Responding to questions about Edanur Kaplan, who ended his life by committing suicide at the age of 18, Minister Yanık said that Edanur had no complaints of sexual abuse during his stay in the dormitory.

Burns said: “We also learned that he filed a complaint after leaving the organization. There were no complaints or attacks during his time with the organization. His colleagues are considering Edanur’s request to leave the institution and they are convinced that he should not leave. the institution. However, he preferred to live with his family and his sister. When he made his will. “We don’t have the ability to force it,” he said.


Responding to allegations that K-POP is in the limelight, Yanık said, “We have not made any statements about K-pop. As a ministry, we have studies related to the practices of K-pop. popular culture that kids might be interested in. We have a We don’t just follow K-pop. “That doesn’t mean we won’t follow things that might negatively affect kids, including K-pop. We don’t have the power to ban K-pop. What we do is monitor the content and take legal action, ”he said.

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