Domestic Market Flyer (What products will not be sold?)

Minister of the Interior, marketHe said the sale of any product other than those covered by the compulsory basic needs of citizens (including chains and supermarkets) will not be allowed.

With the circular on “market measures” sent by the ministry to 81 provincial governorates, it was recalled that the procedures and principles regarding curfew restrictions applied during the full closure process have been determined and announced to the governors.

In this context, it has been indicated that all commercial enterprises, workplaces and / or offices will be closed except places where staple foods, medicines and cleaning products are sold during the curfew and the workplaces covered by the exemption so as not to disrupt production. , manufacturing, sourcing and supply chains. will remain closed on Sunday.

In the circular, the new measures taken following meetings with the relevant ministries, public institutions and organizations, professional associations and representatives of the sector in order to avoid the crowds likely to occur in the markets during the curfew have been announced.

As a result, the sale of any product in markets (including chains and supermarkets) other than those covered by the compulsory basic needs of citizens will not be allowed.

From Friday May 7, in addition to basic food and cleaning products, only animal feed, foodstuffs and cosmetics (excluding perfume and make-up) will be available for sale in the markets (including including chain and supermarkets).

In addition to the previously imposed restriction on the sale of alcoholic products, electronics, toys, stationery, clothing and accessories, home textiles, auto accessories, garden supplies, hardware, glassware, etc. the sale of products will not be permitted.

In accordance with these principles, decisions of the Provincial / District General Hygiene Councils will be taken urgently in accordance with Articles 27 and 72 of the General Hygiene Law.

Notifications and controls on this issue will be entirely carried out by the inspection teams, in particular the police and law enforcement officials. There will be no disruption in practice and no grievances will be caused.

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