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The Presidency of Religious Affairs, in a statement made after Saudi Arabia announced it would accept visitors from overseas for Umrah, said it would not accept Umrah from 33 countries, including Turkey , but this list could be updated in the coming days.

Diyanet’s statement is as follows:

“After the Saudi Hajj and Umrah Ministry announced that it would accept visitors from overseas for Umrah worship from tomorrow, it was deemed beneficial to share the following issues with the public.

In the announcement, it is stated that this is a prerequisite for those who will visit Umrah and pray to Masjid al-Haram and Masjid an-Nabawi to have the Kovid-19 vaccines approved in Saudi Arabia. In addition, it has been noted that 60,000 Umrah daily and around 2 million Umrah monthly will be accepted by complying with the measures of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19).

Also, it was shared that from which countries will be accepted as Umrah and how many quotas will be allocated to countries, this will be clarified in the coming days, taking into account the number of cases in the countries.

However, for the moment, Umrah from 33 countries including Turkey, United States, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, India, Egypt and Lebanon will not be accepted. , and these lists will be updated periodically in the coming days. When there are new developments on the subject, they will be shared with our fellow citizens. ”

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