FETÖ’s ‘private security imam’ caught in Ankara

As a result of the efforts of the task force set up to combat the Fetullahist Terrorist Organization / Parallel State Structure (FETÖ / PDY) within the Organized Crime Service of the Ankara Police Department , the High Criminal Court of Ankara has been accused of “creation and management of an armed terrorist organization” since 2017. N.Ç., the police imam of the FETÖ / PDY code named “Soner”, who has a search file, was found hidden in a house in the Etimesgut district of Ankara.

Detecting this suspect N.Ç., wanted as a fugitive for four years, disguised to avoid being caught and used a vehicle registered on someone else, the task force arrested N.Ç.

It was understood that the suspect, determined to use a false identity card to avoid being arrested, was thus getting rid of police practices.

During the operation, N.Ç., who attempted to get rid of the police by saying someone else’s ID number, was determined to be the correct person as a result of the identification study.

It was determined that the suspect, who had been fired from the Department of Education, was a user of ByLock, the organization’s encrypted messaging program, and was doing organizational messaging.

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