Fire in Osmaniye under control: 4 people in custody

The forest fire in Osmaniye was brought under control by air and ground intervention.

In the central district, a fire broke out in the forest area around Osmaniye State Hospital for an undetermined reason.

The fire extinguisher helicopter and numerous teams, which were dispatched to the region on summons, intervened and brought the blaze under control.

As the fire threatened the settlements, some surrounding buildings were evacuated as a precaution.

112 emergency service teams intervened with some firefighters affected by the smoke.

Cooling work continues in the region.

Governor Erdinç Yılmaz, in a statement to reporters after his investigation in the fire area, said the fire started following a citizen with a greenhouse sparking while he was working with a spiral machine.

Stating that there had been detentions related to the fire, Yılmaz said:

“Of course, we are very sad because of the fire, because of our forest on fire. Our only consolation is that there was no loss of life. He was going to come to the houses, this place has been taken under control, thank goodness. “


Osmaniye Police Chief Ahmet Selçuk Okumuş said they had launched a study into the forest fires in the city.

Okumuş said there had been detentions as a result of the teams’ work, “Four suspects were detained in connection with the fire. According to initial determinations, it was understood that the suspects were unrelated to the fire. terrorism.” mentionned.

Prosecution of suspects continues.

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