Fugitive suspect in “match-fixing conspiracy” case, Cemalettin Mutlu, and his brother arrested

As part of efforts to apprehend the fugitive members of FETO, fugitive lawyer Cemalettin Mutlu and his brother Veli Mutlu were caught in the operation at a home away from home in Eyüpsultan.

During the search of the address, numerous organizational documents and digital materials were seized.

Mutlu Ekizoğlu, Nazmi Ardıç, Tufan Ergüder, Yurt Atayün and Ömer Köse, who participated in the investigations into the conspiracy of Cemalettin Mutlu, the fugitive suspect in the match-fixing case, such as “Military espionage, prostitution and blackmail, Poyrazköy, assassination of Admirals “It was determined that many of the police, among them, were lawyers for some time.

It was noted that Veli Mutlu is wanted by the 2nd Samsun High Criminal Court and still operates at a responsible level in student activities within the current structure of FETO.

Lawyer Cemalettin Mutlu and his brother, Veli Mutlu, were arrested at the courthouse, where they were transferred after their procedures at the police station.

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