G7 summit: Johnson tells leaders we must learn from pandemic

These will not only be a meeting place for the leaders attending the G7 summit these few days, they also need to eat.

Chef Adam Handling will serve traditional dishes from world leaders such as sole and cream teas from Dover, as well as more unusual dishes including offal and sea herbs he picked from the beach this morning.

The eco-conscious chef says he will highlight how we can all eat more sustainably during the summit, using all parts of the animal and making sure the whole meal is neutral in carbon.

He cooked Jill Biden and Carrie Johnson a dish of mackerel and cauliflower, which he says he enjoyed.

And tonight, he’s giving world leaders one of his favorite creations “that revolves around lamb,” he says.

“We make a mousse from the giblets, stuff it in there and all the leftover lamb like the thighs and shoulder that we don’t use today is chopped up to a bit like a chic shepherd’s pie tomorrow. , as one of the bowl foods for lunch.

“It’s served with asparagus from around the corner, local mushrooms and wild garlic that we literally picked on our way to the hotel this morning,” he says.

Handling was a finalist for the BBC’s Masterchef the Professionals eight years ago and said the show “was one of the best experiences of my career”.

“But cooking for the G7 world leaders is definitely the highlight of my career,” he says.

We asked for his last word on cream scones before jam or jam before cream debate.

He says, “Cream before jam all the time. I know it’s not right here, but I can’t do without it.”

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