Galatasaray reaction: Greek Ambassador to Ankara invited to Foreign Ministry

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Greek Ambassador to Ankara Michael-Christos Diamessis has been invited to the Foreign Ministry and the negative treatment of the Galatasaray football team at Athens airport yesterday has been fiercely protested.

According to information received from the Foreign Ministry, the Greek Ambassador to Ankara Diamessis was summoned to the ministry due to the unease felt by the attitude shown to the Galatasaray football team, which traveled to Athens to play a friendly match with Olympiakos. football team, at the airport yesterday.

A violent protest was transmitted to Diamessis regarding the mistreatment of the Galatasaray team at Athens International Airport.

In the protest note given to Greece, it was noted that the situation facing the convoy was illegal, discriminatory and far from friendly.

In addition, Greece has been urged to take the necessary measures to prevent similar treatment against sports clubs that will visit the country in the future.

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