How much were gold prices in the quarter today? September 1, 2021 current gold prices

GoldAfter hawkish comments from policymakers at the European Central Bank on asset purchase programs, it is on a sideways trajectory. The gram of gold, on the other hand, declined slightly as the dollar / TL fell.

Ahead of the Jackson Hole Symposium last week, gram gold, which fell to the 480 TL level with the drop in the dollar / TL and global gold prices, followed a horizontal path on Monday with the rise in prices. world gold, despite the weakening of the dollar after the meeting. grams of goldAs the dollar rate continued to fall, it fell to 485 TL on Wednesday.


Starting the week at around $ 1,820 an ounce, with the markets upbeat after Fed Chairman Powell’s pigeon speech, gold edged down after the stock markets broke a record high on Monday.

Gold, which has followed a sideways trajectory after asset purchase messages from ECB policymakers, is trading at $ 1,814 an ounce on Wednesday.

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