How much were gold prices in the quarter today? September 13, 2021 instant and current quarter gold prices

Gold is on a stable path with expectations that the Fed may start cutting asset purchases sooner after producer inflation has risen faster than expected in the United States. grams of gold On the other hand, it is around 487 TL with the dollar / TL calm and global gold prices.


After the PPI, which was closely followed in the United States last week, all eyes are on the CPI data to be released on Tuesday this week, while economists expect inflation in the US. United States regresses, albeit to a limited extent, in August.

It traded in a narrow price range after falling below its 50-day moving average last week. ounce of gold, ended the week with a loss for the first time after 4 weeks. The ounce of gold, which held steady with concerns ahead of consumer inflation data, started the new week around $ 1,791.

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