Interior Minister Soylu: 1.6 kg of plastic explosives seized

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In his speech to the Ordinary General Assembly of the Police Care and Assistance Fund, Interior Minister Soylu said: “A vehicle was stopped in Van on June 17 and our friends seized C4 explosives. , 3 people were arrested. 1.6 kilograms of C4 was seized. in a moving vehicle, ”he said.


Details of the operations announced by Minister Soylu have emerged. So, on June 17, Van police teams stopped the car in which 3 people were.

During the search of the vehicle, control was seized with a magnetic bomb assembly placed in the speaker, which was found to contain C-4 explosive material. Three people in the vehicle were taken into police custody. During the police investigation, another person who was in contact with one of the suspects in the vehicle and who was believed to be aware of the explosive was taken into police custody.


According to the information received on the operation in Mardin, information was obtained that a bombing was carried out in the district of Nusaybin by members of the terrorist organization PKK / KCK.

Thereupon, the vehicle in which the suspects were preparing for action was stopped on the road to Midyat at 11:15 p.m. on June 18. Three people in the vehicle were taken into police custody.

A homemade bomb consisting of 1.6 kilograms of plastic explosives, 2 detonators, 4 9V batteries and a device with a mobile phone mounted on it to be placed under the vehicle was seized during the search carried out at the interior of the vehicle.

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