Israel-Gaza: fighting continues as hopes of truce rise

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Image caption: Israel says it is determined to continue the operation for now

If Joe Biden was hoping for what he called a significant de-escalation of the conflict, he hasn’t yet.

BBC colleagues in Gaza reported a long night of bombing, both air and sea.

But there has been an eight-hour lull in Hamas rocket attacks, which could be seen as a step on President Biden’s “road to a ceasefire”.

Hamas officials seem convinced the fighting could end in a day or two.

At least rhetorically, that’s not the impression Israel wants to give. Expect to hear more about an operation going “full steam ahead” with many targets to hit.

After speaking with President Biden yesterday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was “determined to continue this operation until its goal is achieved – to restore peace and security to you, citizens of Israel” .

But the clock is clearly ticking. The Biden administration has signaled its impatience.

As they prepare to end soon, Israeli officials portray the operation positively so far.

They say they accomplished more in the past 10 days than they did in seven weeks in 2014, without needing to send troops to the field.

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