Israeli attack on Gaza: 24 Palestinians lose their lives, including 9 children

In the statement from the Ministry of Health in Gaza, it was noted that the total number of fatalities had risen to 24 due to three more deaths after the recent attacks.

An official from the civil defense teams said in a statement that the loss of life in the recent attacks occurred at a house in western Gaza, one of the three people who died in the outbreak was a woman and the another was a disabled Palestinian. .

Gaza’s health ministry previously announced that 21 people, including 9 children, had been martyred and 95 injured in Israeli attacks.

Israeli warplanes also carried out an airstrike on the Ash-Shati refugee camp in western Gaza.

Late Monday evening, the Israeli army announced the launch of a military operation called “Wall Guard” against the Gaza Strip.

In a previous statement, Gaza’s health ministry said 20 people, including 9 children, had been martyred and 103 people injured in the Israeli attacks.

The Israeli army also announced that an airstrike had been carried out on Gaza and that numerous rockets had been sent from Gaza towards the south of the country.

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