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The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) meeting was held at the Istanbul Congress Center under the chairmanship of IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu.

The proposal concerning the adjustment of the scale of transport costs for pupils and staff of the Directorate of Public Transport Services was discussed during the meeting.

The Directorate of Public Transport Services proposed an increase of 19.01 percent, the Union of Traders and Craftsmen Association of Istanbul (İSTESOB) by 22 percent, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and representatives of the provincial National Education have suggested a 15 percent increase.

The president of the İBB, Ekrem İmamoğlu, who chaired the session, voted the three proposals separately.

During the vote, the proposed 15% increase was accepted by a majority of votes.

The price, which was 271 TL between 0 and 1 kilometers previously, has been increased to 311.65 TL, while a 15% increase has been made for all other distances.

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