Kadir Beycioğlu passed away (Who is Prof. Dr. Kadir Beycioğlu?) – Magazine News

International Director of the Adana Golden Boll Film Festival and academician Kadir Beycioglu deceased.

Beycioğlu had been on treatment for some time.

News of Kadir Beycioğlu’s death was announced on Beycioğlu’s Twitter account with the following words:

“Your friend, brother, sister, teacher Kadir Beyciogluwent to his son. Our pain is great. “

Author Escape from Yekta “Kadir, my friend Kadir … I’m so sorry. I can only say ‘ahhh’. Shared his words.

Kadir Beycioğlu, his son last year Bora BeyciogluShe lost it in a traffic accident.

Kadir Beycioğlu, who shared on August 14, said: “It has been exactly a year since we started to feel our greatest pain today. Deep and indescribable… ”


Kadir Beycioğlu is an author who has written books in the categories Child Care & Parenting, Business World, Business Management.

Main books in alphabetical order; Introduction to educational sciences, Organizational behavior and Management can be counted as

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The last book written by Kadir Beycioğlu “Organizational behavior and managementWas presented to readers by Pegem A Publishing – Academic Books.

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