LAST MINUTE: 10 people detained in connection with the Konya massacre

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A large number of health and police teams were dispatched to the area last night, following notification that 7 people were found dead in a house in Enbiya Sokak, Hasanköy Mahallesi, Meram district in Konya.

The police teams arrived at the scene in a short time, took security measures in the surroundings. The medical teams who entered the house determined that 7 people died.

According to initial reports, it was understood that those in the house had been shot with a gun. The fire in the house, which was said to have been started after the incident, was extinguished by firefighters.

The names of the deceased were Yaşar, Barış, Serap, Serpil, İpek, Metin and Sibel Dedeoğulları.

Continuing their investigation at the scene, police teams began to work to apprehend the suspect (s).


In the statement made by the Konya Attorney General’s office, it was announced that 10 people were being detained. It was also said in the statement that the search for the main suspect in the incident is continuing.

In the statement from the attorney general’s office, it was determined that the incident resulted from the ongoing conflict and hostility between two neighboring families for 11 years. Claims that the action was committed with a motive of racial hatred do not reflect the truth.

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