LAST MINUTE: 72 other people arrested in connection with the tension in Ankara Altındağ

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The Ankara Police Department reported that another 72 people were detained in the Altındağ district, after one person was killed on August 10, as a result of preventive measures taken in the area, which failed. did not heed the warnings of the security forces, made provocative messages on social networks and were wanted for various crimes.

In the statement made by the Ankara Police Department, it was noted that administrative action has been taken against 29 of the 72 arrested yesterday, and legal proceedings have been initiated against 43.

The statement said that 28 of those arrested had a history of crimes such as extortion, deliberate injury, property damage, drug production and theft, and that studies on the matter were continuing.


Previously, the Ankara Police Department detained 76 people involved in the events in Altındağ and posted provocative messages on social media, and 38 of the suspects were determined to have a history of crimes such as looting, deliberate injury and theft.

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