LAST MINUTE: Exam transcript for 4th and middle school students from the Ministry of National Education

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According to the statement made on the official website of the Ministry of National Education, various options have been presented for the assessment of grades of 4th and secondary primary school students. As a result, there will be no new exams for students with a second semester exam grade, but students who wish to increase their grade will be given the option to retake the exam.

Students who do not have an exam grade in the second semester will still prefer to take the exam. As a result, parents must notify their preferred option to the school principal in writing or by email until May 26, 2021.

The full text of the written declaration published by the Ministry of National Education is as follows:

The processes for measuring and evaluating the second quadrimester courses of the 2020-2021 academic year for our primary and secondary students have been reorganized as part of the epidemic measures.

There is no exam practice in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of primary school. As in the first semester, our students will be evaluated by their teachers in order to support their personal, social and academic development according to their face-to-face training, their live lectures and / or TRT EBA television shows and their interest in the lesson.

For 4th year primary and secondary school students, the evaluation of the second quadrimester courses of the year 2020-2021 with an exam is left to the preference of the students.

For students with a second semester exam grade;

These exams will be valid and will be recorded in the e-School system. There will be no exams other than the courses for which the exam is organized.
These students will have the opportunity to increase their scores by organizing a second exam if they wish.

These students will also have the right to choose, if they wish they will be assessed only with the grades of the first semester and no further assessment and assessment will be carried out for these students.

For students who do not have a second term exam grade;

Students will have the choice of whether or not to participate in the second semester exams. There will be an exam for those students who wish to do so.

Students who do not wish to participate in the second semester exams will be assessed solely on their first semester grades and no further assessment and assessment will be applied to these students.

According to this, our parents are required to inform the school administration in writing or by e-mail of the choice of their choice until May 26, 2021.


The other details of this regulation concerning the assessment and evaluation practices of 4th and secondary elementary students are as follows:
A single exam score for all courses, including electives, will be reflected in the report card.

The exams will take place in a school environment and face to face.

Student exams will be scheduled and applied until June 18, 2021, covering the subjects and achievements covered from the start of the second semester of the 2020-2021 academic year until March 26, 2021.

If they are located in another province, students will be able to take the exams in schools of the same type of school in which they are located. In this context, so that schools can make the necessary preparations and planning, the parents of the students will address their requests to the competent school administration of their province until Wednesday, May 26, 2021 and will inform the principal of the school where the students are studying.

Students who are abroad and who wish to take the exams in their country; will apply to Turkish Embassy / Consulate General / Consulate to Education Counselor / Attaché.

Students who have chronic illnesses in themselves or in their family members will take the exam at an appropriate time in school and in an isolated environment.

Students enrolled in regional high school boarding schools and following the distance education education and training process may stay at the hostel on the days of their exam dates, taking into account boarding capacity , transport conditions and hygienic conditions.

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