LAST MINUTE: Families of martyrs will be exempt from restrictions to visit the cemetery

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The Ministry of the Interior sent a circular on “Visits to the martyred families of the cemetery” to 81 provincial governorates.

In the circular, it was stated that the martyred visits made on the occasion of religious holidays for the families of the holy martyrs who sacrificed their lives for “the integrity of our country” and “the unity of our nation” and drink sorbet of martyrdom.

In the circular, which stated that the main responsibility of being a state is to respond to these justified demands of the families of the martyrs, taking into account measures to combat the epidemic, and to ensure that they meet their martyrs in peace of mind, the following points were made:

Martyred families will be exempt from the curfew in terms of martyrdom visits on the first day of Arafa and Eid al-Fitr.

Prior to the festival, the maintenance / repair and cleaning works of all the tombs of the martyrs will be completed by the governorates / district governorates in coordination with the relevant institutions.


The families of the martyrs will be able to visit the cemetery whenever they wish on the days indicated, according to their own wishes and possibilities.

Under the coordination of the governors and district governors, the provincial / district police directorates or the gendarmerie commanders will contact in advance the families of the martyrs in their provinces / districts and, if necessary, transport vehicles and personnel. support will be assigned to the families of the martyrs. at the cemetery.

The necessary coordination with the offices of the provincial / district mufti will be ensured by the governorates / district governorates to have the prayers read to the religious leaders during the martyrdom.

In order for the families of the martyrs to carry out their martyrdom visits in peace, the necessary sensitivity will be demonstrated by the governors and district governors and law enforcement units.

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