LAST MINUTE: Fenerbahçe separates from Gökhan Gönül

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Fenerbahçe separates from Gökhan Gönül.

In the statement made by Fenerbahçe it was said:

“We parted ways with Gökhan Gönül, who wore the Fenerbahçe jersey for the first time in 2007, successfully wore our Çubuklu in more than 360 matches for 10 years, and was again included in our team the last season.

We would like to thank Gökhan Gönül for all his efforts and services, who gave Çubuklu the right to the end when wearing our jersey and who always carries the spirit of Fenerbahçe to the highest level; We wish him success in his future career. “

Gökhan Gönül left Beşiktaş at the start of last season and returned to Fenerbahçe.

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